No Saints Only Soul Food

Sligo, IE- Fair play to this country for they are attempting to tame this beast! After a summer long battle of who came first, when it comes to chicken, I like it fried. As an undocumented immigrant, I am asking for permission to regulate in this country of green gold. I want to write an essay called “Expat to Immigrant, How Being Wealthy, Educated and Homeless Saved My Life.”

Below is a photo I saw on Facebook of my neighbour, friend and County Councillor at the Celtic Fringe Festival in Grange chatting to the Minister Of Justice who holds my destiny in the palm of his hand.  I’d like to believe she is saying, “Ah Haley this American Nurse lady is lovely and not such a total menace to society.  The benefits outweigh the risk with this one!”



Either way, can’t complain! The food, baby! It is the best.



As a southern bell, I crashed the debutants, stole their dates and never got caught. Shortly after I lived in Australia, Amsterdam, went off to see the Wailing Wall and the girls of Harajuku, so I see the logic behind the hesitation. Am I just? In it for the benefits? Is it real?  Will I leave this country?

I see myself and those around me and I have to celebrate because when it is easy to stay, I leave.  I like the challenge now but I would like a holiday sooner rather than later!

I made this collage a while back when I told a friend that I want to see Brazil.  When they asked me why, I told them that “I Want to See Christ the Redeemer because in some way, eventually, God equalises all of us.”


This is me thinking, hmmm what will I have for dinner tonight?

I am a bit nostalgic lately looking back at my childhood.  I took my time.  If this photo doesn’t sum it up, then I’m not sure what will.  If you can’t tell, it is not my birthday.  I think everyone cuts their own hair at some stage.


Eventually, my wings will grow back. I have built a pretty cage here, my home with all the paintings, all the blankets and the big ole lovin’ cup.  My nickname is Haleybird.


What does one do in a sea of limbo?





This is me debating whether or not it is worth the wait?


This is me realizing I am still alive.  

To all my friends and family I will NOT be traveling far this season.

Thanks for all the love!

Special shout out to Mikler, I am so ready to meet your bun!

Last Drag

Sligo, IE- All aboard and a broad, hopping the train to Connolly Station. Oil paint stains my trousers from this mornings art work. It’s messy. Not quite finished with yer man, but I’m getting there.

This scene, at Staad Abbey, I recall the first time I visited the small village of Grange, Benbulben covered in misty fog. I had never heard of it.

Happy to submit him to the local art exhibition with the master, Eamonn Dowdican. A charity even for the Sligo Cancer Society.

When I first moved here, all I wanted was a home with running water and warmth. After living in a van for three months, I figured, I deserved it. I am delighted I chose to pursue uncharted territory, only because now, no plans and no expectations I can really enjoy the mystery. Although it is not without heartache, the ecstasy is well worth it.

With Cairde, an arts fest, going down in Sligo I took to socialising along the Vegabond Poetry Trail. Favorite, Una Mannion charmed us all. Her memories growing up in Tennessee with the history of moonshiners at the Appalachain Trail, gave us all an escape. Unfortunately they caught me in an awkward state at my fav spot, Bookmark, although this is likely, as it is my norm.

What a face! Sitting here on the way to Dublin I wonder what the fan boys of Damien Dempsey will look like? Tommy, Darren, Nidge weasel?

The Geishas are framed and looking at this painting, I’ll get lost in it forever. At the bedside, in the morning, before I sleep sound even as the winds, they sometimes howl.

The best news is that Ireland has recognized me as a nurse in the general division.

After all, 21 months since I began, I am relieved. Now, I will attempt to live and work, this is the gift. I’m sure I’ll dream up some new unlikely feat, but for now I’m happy to be in good company with the 7% of American nurse applicants accepted in Ireland last year.

Happy weekend to you all, safe travels, big smiles, magic wands, wave ’em.

Sunshine State of Mind

Sligo, IE- It is a strange day when you suddenly realize that everything you are and everything that you will be, even your own story, is a manifestation of the mind, your mind. This includes believing or disbelieving negative and positive judgements from others as well as societal impacts that we all face.

Streedagh summer solstice party with Maeve and Sue

As my birthday bombarded me with the fear that I do in fact age, it also delivered some pretty beautiful moments as well.  I submit to manifesting a bit of age, only because I appreciate all the wise words and guidance I get from the universe.  Well worth the single grey hair I have. The best was hearing my niece wish me a happy birthday and telling me about her growth out of nappie land. Amazing, I congratulated her as now she is an adult, basically.

Strandhill for a chin wag.

My nursing journey continues but I’m nearing the home stretch. Meaning I’ll either call Ireland home or I’ll be lounging on a beach somewhere in Florida, my native home. The weather has been divine, almost Floridian actually and my friend gave me two sunflowers for my birthday which I’m pretty pumped about.  Grow baby grow.

The Geishas are officially finished and I’m moving on to a couple near Staad Abbey, a rocky beach where I lived when I first moved to Sligo.



Streedagh dip for the ole’ 3-2!


Streedagh Dip 2

I am currently changing moods, away from the deep end and on to something a little lighter.  I was initially taken by the simple country sound of these two and then it hit home with the album cover.  Unlike most American country music duos, these two look nothing alike and their English.


Thank you for reading and until I see you all again,