Prisoner of the State

Ballina, Co Mayo–  I am trapped in this country.  As I await judgement I do what any red-blooded American woman would do…I hit up the spa.  A full body massage, light pressure and a seaweed snuggle, let’s detox shall we?  Hot TubWelcome to The Icehouse, a salmon weir turned radiating retreat an hour south of Sligo. This place ticks a few of my boxes with an accommodating staff, various treatment options, the Heritage suites with antique furnishings, etc.  I swim and sauna at least once a week at home but trust me, The Icehouse in Ballina is like a whole new world.

I wander around this uninhabited dreamworld unaware of where I am going. I still have no idea what time it is. This pink twinkle palace is an aromatherapy room that smells like milky lavender fairy dust. How did I get here?

The relaxation area has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the river Moy, with fresh fruit, infused water, blankets from Foxfords and headphones with snooze tunes.  To watch a river flow without hearing it in complete silence presents like magic.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 00.48.04It is like taking a tranquilizer. I am paralysed. I reach optimum levels of clarity here, although fleeting, this gives me a sense of hope, a calm.Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 00.26.09.pngI am doing all the things they want me to do and some of the things they don’t.  Over-worked and stubborn, I am in the system.  I am isolated but  have never felt so warm and cozy.  It is gezellig!

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 22.54.04Am I taking a risk?  Yes.  Am I suffering the consequences? Yes.

Screenshot 2019-04-09 at 00.36.05.png


Is it worth it? I guess we will have to wait and see.