Baby Don’t You Go and Cut Your Hair

Jax Beach, FL- Today we celebrate my niece’s second birthday! Luckily my sister has a good sense of humor and Facetimed me for the festivities. We sang the birthday song and the little babe got a taste of fire. Grandmas, grandpas, uncles and sisters that live in far away places came together to celebrate. Super delighted to be there in a pix- elated version of myself. I sang and although they couldn’t see, my feet were dancing away in this granny flat. I watched her open some gifts and laughed at my sister’s funny faces. I imagined eating cake and drinking a beer in the hot heat of Florida’s pre-summer. Usually technology frightens me only because it has far surpassed our understanding of it. Or mine at least. Anyways, happy birthday to my moon baby!

In other news, I have found my salty soul in Strandhill, continued painting on cardboard, sometimes on wood and writing blatant poetry.


Frances McDormand                                                                                    

Frog in my throat get out. Goway.

Smile first thing in the morning light as the birds volley,

let the air out. Mind yourself and listen to what they say.

Frog in my throat get out. Goway.

Scratch and burn, fags at the ballet,

frog in my throat get out. Goway.

Me and Megan, we’ve got the same bag. She won’t folly,

frog in my throat get out? Goway,

smile first thing in the morning. Light as the birds, volley.