Morning Pages

Rinroe, Co Sligo- I prepare this morning for a trot around Mullahgmore head. A portion of this preparation begins by baking six chocolate chip cookies and drinking way too much coffee. I read the Economist to humble myself as I have barely a clue as to what the authors are in sighting or the current state of affairs.

Not to worry, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the bomb food I made last night that has me in high spirits.


Further more I’ve reorganised my life which is to say minimalism, for me is not the process of having nothing, it is the affair of loving what you have. I will say that eliminating labels when possible brings a subtle calm to your space, priceless.

It snowed here yesterday and although I namaste’d in bed, I am hoping to catch a glimpse of the mountain this weekend.

As for the January doldrums, I’m in the sunshine and all wrapped up.



2 thoughts on “Morning Pages

    • Hi Alicia! Yes, I find the link with labels on things relates to our connections. So by taking away the “noise” (Marie Kondo) we become more free. It also makes using labels more fun! Like intentional sexy Calvin Klein knickers. There’s just something about ’em! Give it a go!

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