Cups and Kings, Kerry’s Ring

Killarney, Co Kerry – True to form, I get into trouble when we go on a break. My art class awaits the drama begrudging at best, to hear of my latest adventure.

To Kerry, I welcome a visit from the King, Gavin James. Performing tonight at the INEC along with every other gay man in Ireland. I will cry mainly because I am exhausted. I have improved my driving skills, proud of all I’ve done. The winding roads, sometimes slick, watch out! For the bumps!

Mild, drizzle and at times, in a fog, this ring brings me a sense of completion. At this stage, I am in the middle. Tense with excitement, simeotaneously terrified as this is the best part of my life. The gold and the grey for whom the bell tolls, moments kept just for me.

I will be out to Reidy’s tonight in my Mustard polo neck and cold, hard cash. If anyone asks, I’ve had the best time.

The festive period has brought insight, trapped as a prisoner in this state. A nurse, an artist, a blend of bold, vulnerable and some sort of beauty.

Best of luck in the New Year!