Let’s Start Somewhere

I am a nursing student with 74 days to go until graduation.  I am also a dog mom, yoga student and wannabe healthy person.  I live in Charlotte, NC with a truck load of family members, they are my bread and butter.

Although I consider myself a citizen of Charlotte, for the last 10 months I have been living in Winston-Salem to attend nursing school.  This program is referred to as an “accelerated” option for people that already have an undergraduate degree.  Some folks are changing careers, and  others couldn’t find a job with their selected major.  For me, I loved working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and nursing was the next step.  But, nursing is not the full length feature of my life.  I tend to dabble in all sorts of activities, occupations and events to keep me interested.

I do not consider myself a “people person” so nursing helps me to let go of my fear and simply talk to people.  I also dig human anatomy and physiology.

I have never asked for honey and gotten this!